VHF SRC Revision

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Course Description

This course is intended to aid revision of VHF DSC radio principles and operation prior to attending an RYA practical course or to keep current at any time after completion.

Included in this course:

  • Unique bespoke radio simulator to help in understanding
  • Radio Rules, Regulations and Licensing
  • Radio Equipment and control
  • Global Maritime and Distress Safety System
  • Radio Calls
  • Digital Selective Calling
  • Any many more

4 thoughts on “VHF SRC Revision”

  1. Stuart Douglas

    Hi, I have just tried to use the DSC simulator and i don’t think that the links are correct. it takes me to a log in screen that says if this is the first time i am logging in go to a different site. I tried to log in any way and failed to get in using my school credentials.

    I have also noted that pressing the “Mark as complete” button doesn’t always work especially for the final DSC call types module.

    1. Stu thanks for that you are probably trying to access the radio from the instructor resources tab which technically requires a separate login but I’ll fix your account to have access to it, however on each section of the VHF course there is a materials tab that gives you access to a radio simulator.

      As for the mark complete, that’s something I need to look into as its a platform problem and beyond my capabilities to remedy

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